Intellectual Property Protected by President Trump 2017

video of President Trump and property protection

For more than 50 years, several countries have been stealing billions of dollars each year from the United States.  No US president has done much about this huge problem.  US citizens and workers are affected by countries, such as China, stealing more than $200 billion per year from the United States in intellectual property.  This signing by the president is good news for US citizens and workers.  With a national debt of roughly $20,000 billion or $20 trillion, the US cannot afford more stealing of our intellectual property.

Free Will or No Free Will 2017

If you tell a person they have no free will and they believe you, then you affect their moral behavior.  If you tell a person they have free will and they believe you, then that person exercises free will.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If they think they have free will then they have it and use it.

Higher mammals have complicated brains and minds.  Humans have billions of neurons and a mind to think.  The mind is able to accept and reject info, and make decisions.  Free will exists within a range.  We have all witnessed individuals who have gone through tough and bad circumstances.  Some of these individuals come out with sympathy for others, some come out hardened with very little sympathy for people in trouble.  It seems each of these people has the free will in determining which result (sympathy or very little sympathy) to take.

Daniel Dennett: Stop Telling People They Don’t Have Free Will

North Korea and Military Conflict 2017 July

Dr. Gorka was correct, the speech in Poland was substantial and talked about US values, Christian values and Poland.  Military action may be taken by the United States during the next 12 month against North Korea.  The war might start accidentally by some North Korean soldier or airman.  I suspect that the US will use electronic attacks first, before any bombs or missiles are fired.  China has been ineffective during the last 20 years in stopping North Korea.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka talks US response to North Korea


Bill Gates says Help Refugees in their Home Regions 2017

Microsoft Corp. founder and co-founder Bill Gates said that Europe should increase foreign aid to countries instead of taking in more refugees. Gates, in an interview with the German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, said that bringing in more migrants would motivate more to leave their home countries and flood Europe.

Gates suggested that spending more in foreign aid would help treat the root problem of the refugee crisis that has overtaken Europe. Research from the Center for Immigration Studies has found that, according to data from the Untied Nations, nations can help 12 refugees by establishing safe zones in their home regions for the same cost as permanently resettling one refugee.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this  — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa,” ” Gates told the newspaper. [Internet, July 7, 2017; Bill Gates talks about refugees 2017]


Global Warming is Pseudoscience says prominent scientist

The temperature on Earth has changed less than 1 degree in the last 150 years, but the human population has increased more than 310 percent.

Nobel Physicist says Global Warming is not true science

It seems that God has fine-tuned even Earth’s temperatures to help mankind.  We are not freezing or burning up, except at the poles and the equator.

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be TRUE

Some so-called conspiracy theories are true.  10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be TRUE  There are more, but those are for future posts.  It is interesting that many media “reporters” and many government agents claim that all conspiracy theories are false and have very little truth in them.

Navy Seal and His Website 2017

Navy Seal Told To Listen To Alex Jones By High Level Intel

“Craig Sawyer, AKA “Sawman,” grew up near Houston, TX and got his tactical start in the U.S. Marine Corps. He quickly transitioned to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. As an Operator at SEAL Team One, Craig gained critical combat experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm . . . ” [Internet; from link above; March 16, 2017.]

Take a look at bio at Navy Seal Bio 2017 .

Danish woman says European men are demasculinized 2017

Yes, men need to defend the women and the family.  There is Evil in the world, and men need to fight against this Evil. Men and women need to work together. You need masculine men to defend the culture.  Most men are still physically stronger than most women, so European men need to defend their women.

Trump and Putin and Maybe Some Common Sense 2017

Well, I have had enough of this foolishness from the liberal media and some individuals at Fox news about Russia and Putin. President Trump wants to make some good deals with Russia and they want to make deals with us. The alternative is WWIII, with tens of millions of citizens dead in both the USA and in Russia. Think about it. We came close to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Why would we not want to pursue better relationships with Russia?  We have trade deals and other deals with Red China and Vietnam.  Demonizing Putin and Russia will not help our relationships with them, but it could lead to war within the next four months.

Putin Explains His Effects on US Pres Election 2016

In this video, President V. Putin explains his effects on the presidential election of November 2016.  He correctly points out that the Democrats lost in most states (in state legislatures) and in Congress.  Do the Dems blame President Putin for these losses?  It is foolish if they do so.  The US citizens rejected the Democratic Establishment.  US citizens should not get distracted from main issues in the US such as relations with Russia and China and the $20 trillion national debt.  See  Putin talks about US presidential election of 2016 etc

Gun is the Great Equalizer for Citizens

Yes, “gun control is not crime control.”  More gun control equals more violent crime.  Cities such as Chicago prove that.  The gun is the “great equalizer.”  This is especially true for women and men 60+ years old.  My wife and I are 60+ and we need guns to protect us from younger, more powerful criminals.  Do you really want to have a knife fight with an experienced criminal, and it is not his first knife fight?

Very rich people and families who are well-connected to political power have guns.  Why should ordinary citizens be denied the same rights?  Most citizens cannot afford armed bodyguards, we have to defend ourselves.  Most liberal TV celebrities, movie stars and liberal politicians push for gun control.  However, they have bodyguards with guns and/or they own guns.

proof that gun control does not reduce violent crime

Glenn Beck and the Left in USA 2016 12

Tonight I canceled my subscription to TheBlaze TV.  I no longer support the Blaze or Glenn Beck.  The reasons include Glen Beck’s recent (especially last 2 months) words against conservatives and his “apology tour.”  Beck now claims that Donald Trump may be dangerous for the United States.  This is somewhat unbelievable but see info at this link Glenn Beck against conservatives in 2016.  It seems that Beck has been against such conservatives as former Texas US rep. Ron Paul.  Here is what was said in the Atlantic mag:  Glenn Beck and Bee by Atlantic mag.  If Beck was so wrong in his “divisive” rhetoric, then we conservatives are probably wrong in our policies and beliefs during the last 50 years.  Perhaps Beck was never a true conservative during the last 10 years.

Did Russia Hack and Change the 2016 Presidential Election?

It seems that Mr. Putin is helping his country, though Communism is a failed system.

There are only two ways that Russia could have had a substantial effect on our presidential election: they spent $100 million or more promoting Trump; and they got illegal voters to vote for Trump. They did neither.  H. Clinton put classified and secret information on her Email server where Russia, China, and several other countries could hack into it.  Blame any  hacking of her server on Hillary Clinton.  Spending less than about $100 million dollars would have had little effect on this 2016 election for president.  The Clinton campaign spent more than $400 million than the Trump campaign, and Hillary Clinton lost.  There is no evidence that Russia spent even $10 million on Trump’s campaign.  We did have some illegal voters casting votes for H. Clinton.  It was the truth that hurt Clinton’s campaign and not Russia.


Trump, Jobs, China and Taiwan 2016 12

Donald Trump and the president of Taiwan talked on the phone this month.  Jimmy Carter sold out the US (again) by pledging to China that he would not talk to the president of Taiwan.  We have a treaty with free China, Taiwan, but are not supposed to talk with them at high levels.  Why?  See Trump calls president of Taiwan to find out the reasons.

Much of the manufacturing operations of the United States and Western Europe have gone to China since 1979.  See the link above to find out some of the reasons.  The US has lost millions of decent and good-paying jobs to China during the last 35 years.  Both major political parties have agreed to the loss of these millions of jobs.  Trump has promised to stop this tragedy.