Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be TRUE

Some so-called conspiracy theories are true.  10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be TRUE  There are more, but those are for future posts.  It is interesting that many media “reporters” and many government agents claim that all conspiracy theories are false and have very little truth in them.

Navy Seal and His Website 2017

Navy Seal Told To Listen To Alex Jones By High Level Intel

“Craig Sawyer, AKA “Sawman,” grew up near Houston, TX and got his tactical start in the U.S. Marine Corps. He quickly transitioned to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. As an Operator at SEAL Team One, Craig gained critical combat experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm . . . ” [Internet; from link above; March 16, 2017.]

Take a look at bio at Navy Seal Bio 2017 .

Danish woman says European men are demasculinized 2017

Yes, men need to defend the women and the family.  There is Evil in the world, and men need to fight against this Evil. Men and women need to work together. You need masculine men to defend the culture.  Most men are still physically stronger than most women, so European men need to defend their women.

Trump and Putin and Maybe Some Common Sense 2017

Well, I have had enough of this foolishness from the liberal media and some individuals at Fox news about Russia and Putin. President Trump wants to make some good deals with Russia and they want to make deals with us. The alternative is WWIII, with tens of millions of citizens dead in both the USA and in Russia. Think about it. We came close to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Why would we not want to pursue better relationships with Russia?  We have trade deals and other deals with Red China and Vietnam.  Demonizing Putin and Russia will not help our relationships with them, but it could lead to war within the next four months.

Putin Explains His Effects on US Pres Election 2016

In this video, President V. Putin explains his effects on the presidential election of November 2016.  He correctly points out that the Democrats lost in most states (in state legislatures) and in Congress.  Do the Dems blame President Putin for these losses?  It is foolish if they do so.  The US citizens rejected the Democratic Establishment.  US citizens should not get distracted from main issues in the US such as relations with Russia and China and the $20 trillion national debt.  See  Putin talks about US presidential election of 2016 etc

Gun is the Great Equalizer for Citizens

Yes, “gun control is not crime control.”  More gun control equals more violent crime.  Cities such as Chicago prove that.  The gun is the “great equalizer.”  This is especially true for women and men 60+ years old.  My wife and I are 60+ and we need guns to protect us from younger, more powerful criminals.  Do you really want to have a knife fight with an experienced criminal, and it is not his first knife fight?

Very rich people and families who are well-connected to political power have guns.  Why should ordinary citizens be denied the same rights?  Most citizens cannot afford armed bodyguards, we have to defend ourselves.  Most liberal TV celebrities, movie stars and liberal politicians push for gun control.  However, they have bodyguards with guns and/or they own guns.

proof that gun control does not reduce violent crime

Glenn Beck and the Left in USA 2016 12

Tonight I canceled my subscription to TheBlaze TV.  I no longer support the Blaze or Glenn Beck.  The reasons include Glen Beck’s recent (especially last 2 months) words against conservatives and his “apology tour.”  Beck now claims that Donald Trump may be dangerous for the United States.  This is somewhat unbelievable but see info at this link Glenn Beck against conservatives in 2016.  It seems that Beck has been against such conservatives as former Texas US rep. Ron Paul.  Here is what was said in the Atlantic mag:  Glenn Beck and Bee by Atlantic mag.  If Beck was so wrong in his “divisive” rhetoric, then we conservatives are probably wrong in our policies and beliefs during the last 50 years.  Perhaps Beck was never a true conservative during the last 10 years.

Did Russia Hack and Change the 2016 Presidential Election?

It seems that Mr. Putin is helping his country, though Communism is a failed system.

There are only two ways that Russia could have had a substantial effect on our presidential election: they spent $100 million or more promoting Trump; and they got illegal voters to vote for Trump. They did neither.  H. Clinton put classified and secret information on her Email server where Russia, China, and several other countries could hack into it.  Blame any  hacking of her server on Hillary Clinton.  Spending less than about $100 million dollars would have had little effect on this 2016 election for president.  The Clinton campaign spent more than $400 million than the Trump campaign, and Hillary Clinton lost.  There is no evidence that Russia spent even $10 million on Trump’s campaign.  We did have some illegal voters casting votes for H. Clinton.  It was the truth that hurt Clinton’s campaign and not Russia.


Trump, Jobs, China and Taiwan 2016 12

Donald Trump and the president of Taiwan talked on the phone this month.  Jimmy Carter sold out the US (again) by pledging to China that he would not talk to the president of Taiwan.  We have a treaty with free China, Taiwan, but are not supposed to talk with them at high levels.  Why?  See Trump calls president of Taiwan to find out the reasons.

Much of the manufacturing operations of the United States and Western Europe have gone to China since 1979.  See the link above to find out some of the reasons.  The US has lost millions of decent and good-paying jobs to China during the last 35 years.  Both major political parties have agreed to the loss of these millions of jobs.  Trump has promised to stop this tragedy.

Donald Trump Victory and BrExit in 2016

The BRExit, British Exit, and the Donald Trump victory are similar.  The old Establishments have lost power this year of 2016.  Citizens want liberty and control of their countries back to the citizens.

Citizens want their borders protected and their labor markets protected.  People also lock their doors at night to keep out unwanted criminals and other people.  A country without borders is no country.  Citizens in Britain want to take their country back; BrExit is a good move.  Open borders let in terrorists and criminals into a country.  This only makes sense.  Too much importation of workers, be they college grads or others, leads to more unemployment and lower wages within the country.

White Privilege in 2016

White Privilege is a term for what? Do I get lower prices in stores for being white? If I am 8% Native American, do I get a bonus or does my privilege decrease by 8%?

Will the government send me a special check for my “white privilege” or do I get no bonus?  If I have a white dog, does my dog get a 10% discount at the vet’s office?  Since I am white or mostly white, will my Social Security payments go up by at least 9% in 2017?

If the answer is “no” to these questions, it seems that my White Privilege is equal to zero.  Hmmm.


probability of 150 amino acids arranging in the right sequence


probability of 150 amino acids arranging in the right sequence is roughly

20 ^150 x 2 ^ 149 = 20 ^150 * 2 ^ 149

1.4272E+195 * 7.14E+44     =    1.0185E+240  || 1.4272E+195 is about 10 ^195

The chance probability is therefore about 1 in 10 ^240 or 1 in 10 to the 240th power.  This is also 10 ^ -240 which is 10 to the minus 240th power.

* is times

number of atoms                number of seconds in

in Earth                                       200 million years

10^50                                       1E+16

Total probability of arranging 150  amino acids in 200 M years with 1 interaction per second, not counting correct left orientation of amino acids

number of atoms in Earth = 10 ^50

number of seconds in 200 million years = 10 ^16

chance probability for 150 probability amino acids = 10 ^ -195

total probability = 10 ^50 * 10 ^16 * 10 ^ -195 = 10 ^ -129 or 10 to the minus 129th power; or 1 chance in 10 ^129 

comparison:  number of atoms in Earth = 10 ^50



NRA and Gun Powder Regulation 2016

“Earlier this summer, ATF released an Explosives Industry Newsletter that changed the agency’s treatment of nitrocellulose, the primary component in smokeless powders used in modern ammunition. [emphasis mine, KSS] This change had the potential to seriously disrupt ammunition supply in the United States because it changed a long-standing ATF policy that exempted properly “wetted” nitrocellulose from treatment as an explosive under federal law.

NRA and industry raised these concerns to ATF and any change in ATF’s treatment of nitrocellulose is now officially delayed. In an addendum to the earlier newsletter, ATF announced that it “will conduct further industry outreach concerning wetted Nitrocellulose. In the interim, previously authorized industry practices concerning wetted Nitrocellulose will not be affected.” ” (Source:  Internet; ; 9/25/2016.)  gun powder regulation 2016

The degrading of gun powder for ammunition would be a sneaky way of gun control.  The Second Amendment protects our gun rights, including ammunition.

Defense of Gun Rights in 2016 and Beyond

The video below is very good. Real assault weapons after about 1960 are machine guns. That is what you need to assault a military position. The US Constitution gives us the Second Amendment to protect US citizens.  This Amendment is not outdated as the other 9 of the first 10 are not outdated.  The individuals who constructed these 10 Amendments are very intelligent and educated in the history of the previous 1,900 years.  Our guns are used to protect US citizens against criminals and dictatorships.

see gun rights- reasons 2016

also see  Proof Gun Control is 100% B.S.  and  Best 7 minutes on gun control

Freewill and the Future 2016

I do not believe God knows everything that each person, a freewill being, will do in the future because the future has not occurred and you cannot know what freewill agents will do.  Some people say that God does not know all of the future because if He did know, then God would have to change the future. Some say God cannot know because of freewill. If He does know the future of all freewill agents, then He has to change the future to protect them, which would violate freewill it seems. If the Creator knows all of the future, then why did He (at the time of the Flood) regret making mankind?

Christians and others will continue this debate about freewill and what God knows for at least a few more years.


White America– update September 2016

Remember, millions of people of all races are trying to get into this country. If this “white country” was so bad, then millions of non-whites would be leaving each year. And some of us “white people” are a bit Native American, who have been here for more than 5,000 years.  Yes, some of us “white people” have ancestors who were Asian and lived in the United States more than 5,000 years ago.   
My father and some of my uncles fought in World War II to protect this country. Most of the soldiers and sailors in WWII were “white” and they fought for all of us. However, if the Nazis had won the war then non-whites would probably have been placed in work camps. Do I have to spell this out? I hope not.

Hillary Clinton and Strange Actions 2016

Hillary has emotional illiteracy and fits of rage. The strange laughing is a sign of some deep problem in her mind. She may have had a stroke within the last few years and may now suffer from its side effects. She is unfit to be the mayor of a small town.  See the link below for her likely psychological condition.

Strange Acts of Hillary 2016