Most People Do Not Even Realize AI in 2018

If the machines and AI take over the world, humans will be more slave-like creatures than the slaves in the 1850’s. Merge with AI and you will be part of the matrix and a pawn of very powerful individuals and DArk Forces. Do not be fools.  Most People and AI in 2018-2020 

Lewis CS and Intelligent Design 2018

C.S. Lewis was a zealous atheist in his twenties.  However, later he discovered a belief in God that was partially based on intelligent design.

C.S. Lewis had at least four arguments for intelligent design proving or giving great evidence for the existence of God.

  1. Argument for intelligent design from Beauty. The beauty in the natural world suggests a higher level of existence.  Beauty is above matter and energy.  What created that beauty?
  2. Argument for intelligent design from Morality. If the universe is evil and cruel, where does morality come from?  D. might be the explanation.  There would be no morality from the survival of the fittest or from molecules.
  3. Argument from Reason. Why do we think that reason, including math, comes from non-rational causes?  How can you get intelligence from that which is non-intelligent?
  4. Argument from Complexity. Lewis said that like we need to go beyond the physical steam engine to find its originator, we need to go outside of nature to find the originator and designer of natural things such as animals.

Early scientists looked for laws and designs in nature, because they believed nature had a Designer.  This propelled science forward.

The laws of nature cannot create complex things, these complex objects require directions from outside the physical objects.  For example, a hurricane can hit a group of bricks, lumber, nails and electrical wires.  The force of the wind cannot build a house.  Building the house requires a designer, intelligent agents to build it, and information in the blueprint.  The living cell in an animal is thousands of times more complex than a house.

C.S. Lewis believed in rigorous arguments and the need for honest debate.  “Follow the argument to where it leads,” said Lewis.

The famous atheist Antony Flew found intelligent design and a Cosmic Mind.  He wrote the book There Is A God.

See YouTube video about Lewis at CS Lewis and Intelligent Design

Liberty Synopsis Video 2017

Why Design In Biology is Rock-Solid Evidence of God

The video below is an intro to some of the sophisticated evidences of intelligent design.  There are more than two areas of testing for intelligent design in biology.  We can use regular logic and facts to determine whether an object is designed or only appears to be designed.

Design in Biology is Best Explained by the Existence of God

Crane or Skyhook- Natural Selection or Complex God?

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Natural Selection or Complex God?

In chapter 4 of Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion Dawkins states that specified complexity is better explained by Charles Darwin’s crane of Evolution (atheistic evolution) than by Intelligent Design which he calls the skyhook.  Here’s the question:  Is design (or apparent design) with its complexity better explained by the less complex crane of mutations and natural selection, or by the skyhook of Intelligent Design with a very complex God?

Dr. Dawkins finds it very improbable and unbelievable that a very complex designer (God) would design a complex object or creation.  His question is:  “Who designed God?”  This is a separate discussion, but God could have been in a supremely complex state before the “Big Bang” or He could have evolved during the last 100 billion years before the “Big Bang” within a very different universe with 9 or more spacial dimensions.  There was something roughly 14 billion years ago that produced the “Big Bang” or we would not be here now.

The following example will illustrate the relationship between a complex object ( designed) and its creator.  In an illustration, suppose an alien lands on Earth in a field near a forest.  The alien sees a pattern of sticks on the ground in the following characters:  This message was written by passerby who lives 12 miles northeast of this spot.  The alien notices a forest to the north and east of the characters. It also sees many birds:  in the air; on the ground; flying back and forth from the trees in the forest; and the characters are composed of twigs.

The aliens have been observing Earth for about 60 years.  From intercepted radio and TV signals the aliens have decoded English.  So they know that the character set is from 26 letters, 10 numbers (0 through 9), and punctuation marks.  Though all the characters are not perfectly formed, the sticks spell out a message in English.  The probability of getting each character correct by chance is 1 in about 40.  The chance probability of getting 5 characters in a row correctly is:  (1/40) x (1/40) x (1/40) x (1/40) x (1/40) = 1 in 40 5 or 40 -5 (40 to the negative 5th power.)

The alien observes:  a few birds have twigs in their mouths; and there are no humans in the field nor visible in the first 100 feet in the edge of the forest.  The birds are the crane (closest and simplest building device) and the humans are vastly more complex and represent the skyhook.  In general, we look for the simplest explanation for the solution to a problem.  The simplest explanation is that the birds took twigs and constructed the design of characters.

Is there any way of using math and logic to determine whether the birds or the humans created this design or apparent design (the object or other thing looks like it was designed by an intelligent being but it was not so designed) of letters?  We could use complicated arguments, but math and logic are more rigorous (strictly accurate) and reliable.  Logic and statistics can provide a rock-solid solution.  The alien has learned that birds are not intelligent beings and they cannot write English words or sentences.  While the birds are not capable of design, by chance they could possibly construct the pattern of characters.  There are 79 characters (with spaces) in the pattern or design.  The chance probability of putting the 40 characters into the correct sequence for the words and the sentence is the following:  1 in 40 79 equals 1 in 2.7 x 10 127.  This number is roughly 1 in 10 127 or 10 -127.  In comparison, 1 in 100 trillion is 1 in 10 14 or 10 -14.

One alien communicates with the spaceship to find the probabilistic resources (the total number of times an event could have occurred during a time span, or the number of opportunities for an event to occur.)  The following message comes back in a few hours:  “We have calculated a maximum likely amount of probabilistic resources.  In a time span of 50 years (twigs and letters decay over time) with 1 million birds each putting letters (of twigs) into the pattern at 1 per minute, the probabilistic resources are 50 years x 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 1,000,000 birds equals 2.63 x 10 13.”  The alien rounds up to 10 14.

The alien takes a computer and enters the chance probability times the probabilistic resources to get the total probability of: 10 -127 x 10 14 = 10 -113.  (Remember that 10 -14 is 1 in 100 trillion.  The larger the negative exponent, the smaller the number.  So 10 -16  is smaller than 10 -14, by a factor of 10 -2 or exactly .01 or one-hundredth.)  Notice that this total probability is less than 1 in 100 trillion x 100 trillion (which is 10-14 x 10-14 = 10 -28.)  The alien and we reach the conclusion (from statistics, logic and science) that the human(s) used intelligent design to create the words and the sentence.  The simplest explanation (of the birds creating the pattern or design) must be rejected.  The skyhook is accepted and the crane is rejected as the likely explanation.

Dawkins states that the combination of natural selection and variations is sufficient to create apparent designs in life on Earth.  The problem is that variations in living things are only passed to the next generation by genetic material (DNA for at least the most recent 3.5 billion years.)  Natural selection can only select the traits found in the DNA.  And the DNA is changed by chance mutations or could have been engineered by Intelligent Design.

Can we test for intelligent design?  As the birds-and-sticks example demonstrates, you can use logic and statistics to test for intelligent design.  Testing is better, more reliable than a hundred weak arguments or collecting opinions from so-called experts on the origin of life on planet Earth.  The structure of DNA is very greatly more complex than the one sentence in our previous example.  The biological code in DNA points to and confirms the works of a Master Programmer.

While it may seem to some that God is too complex a solution to the problem of the origin of life on Earth, the use of statistics, logic and science proves that Evolution (atheistic evolution) is not the answer.  There has been evolution on planet Earth for at least 3.5 billion years, but the DNA and structures of proteins (for two examples) shows that intelligent design was used.  Dawkins question of “Who designed God?” is not the only question about the origin of God.  The following is my expanded version:  Who designed God; or was God always formed in a very intelligent and powerful state of being; or did God develop over the last 100 billion years or more?  (The estimate of the age of the known physical universe is 13.7 billion years.)  Whatever the origin of God, we find Intelligent Design in nature including complex proteins and DNA.  And we can use statistics, facts, logic and science to test for intelligent design by humans, angels or God.


Examples of probabilistic resources

Suppose a person rolls a die 7 times and wonders what is the total probability for a 5 to occur at least one time. The   probabilistic resources is 7 and the chance probability is 1 in 6.  The total probability is 7 x 1/6 = 7/6 = 1.167 which of course is more than 1 so it is very likely to occur.

What is the total probability for a 5 to occur 4 times in a row? The probability of a 5 occurring in a throw of the die is 1 in 6.  We must know the probabilistic resources to find the answer.  Suppose we throw a die 20 times.  The probabilistic resources are 20.  The total probability for a 5 to occur 4 times in a row is:  1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 x  20 = (1/6)^4 x 20 = .0008 x 20 =  0.016   or (rounded to 3 decimal places) about 16 in a thousand.  The probability of it not occurring is about 1.000 – 0.016 = 0.984.


Intellectual Property Protected by President Trump 2017

video of President Trump and property protection

For more than 50 years, several countries have been stealing billions of dollars each year from the United States.  No US president has done much about this huge problem.  US citizens and workers are affected by countries, such as China, stealing more than $200 billion per year from the United States in intellectual property.  This signing by the president is good news for US citizens and workers.  With a national debt of roughly $20,000 billion or $20 trillion, the US cannot afford more stealing of our intellectual property.

Free Will or No Free Will 2017

If you tell a person they have no free will and they believe you, then you affect their moral behavior.  If you tell a person they have free will and they believe you, then that person exercises free will.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If they think they have free will then they have it and use it.

Higher mammals have complicated brains and minds.  Humans have billions of neurons and a mind to think.  The mind is able to accept and reject info, and make decisions.  Free will exists within a range.  We have all witnessed individuals who have gone through tough and bad circumstances.  Some of these individuals come out with sympathy for others, some come out hardened with very little sympathy for people in trouble.  It seems each of these people has the free will in determining which result (sympathy or very little sympathy) to take.

Daniel Dennett: Stop Telling People They Don’t Have Free Will

North Korea and Military Conflict 2017 July

Dr. Gorka was correct, the speech in Poland was substantial and talked about US values, Christian values and Poland.  Military action may be taken by the United States during the next 12 month against North Korea.  The war might start accidentally by some North Korean soldier or airman.  I suspect that the US will use electronic attacks first, before any bombs or missiles are fired.  China has been ineffective during the last 20 years in stopping North Korea.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka talks US response to North Korea


Bill Gates says Help Refugees in their Home Regions 2017

Microsoft Corp. founder and co-founder Bill Gates said that Europe should increase foreign aid to countries instead of taking in more refugees. Gates, in an interview with the German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, said that bringing in more migrants would motivate more to leave their home countries and flood Europe.

Gates suggested that spending more in foreign aid would help treat the root problem of the refugee crisis that has overtaken Europe. Research from the Center for Immigration Studies has found that, according to data from the Untied Nations, nations can help 12 refugees by establishing safe zones in their home regions for the same cost as permanently resettling one refugee.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this  — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa,” ” Gates told the newspaper. [Internet, July 7, 2017; Bill Gates talks about refugees 2017]


Global Warming is Pseudoscience says prominent scientist

The temperature on Earth has changed less than 1 degree in the last 150 years, but the human population has increased more than 310 percent.

Nobel Physicist says Global Warming is not true science

It seems that God has fine-tuned even Earth’s temperatures to help mankind.  We are not freezing or burning up, except at the poles and the equator.

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be TRUE

Some so-called conspiracy theories are true.  10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be TRUE  There are more, but those are for future posts.  It is interesting that many media “reporters” and many government agents claim that all conspiracy theories are false and have very little truth in them.

Navy Seal and His Website 2017

Navy Seal Told To Listen To Alex Jones By High Level Intel

“Craig Sawyer, AKA “Sawman,” grew up near Houston, TX and got his tactical start in the U.S. Marine Corps. He quickly transitioned to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. As an Operator at SEAL Team One, Craig gained critical combat experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm . . . ” [Internet; from link above; March 16, 2017.]

Take a look at bio at Navy Seal Bio 2017 .

Danish woman says European men are demasculinized 2017

Yes, men need to defend the women and the family.  There is Evil in the world, and men need to fight against this Evil. Men and women need to work together. You need masculine men to defend the culture.  Most men are still physically stronger than most women, so European men need to defend their women.

Trump and Putin and Maybe Some Common Sense 2017

Well, I have had enough of this foolishness from the liberal media and some individuals at Fox news about Russia and Putin. President Trump wants to make some good deals with Russia and they want to make deals with us. The alternative is WWIII, with tens of millions of citizens dead in both the USA and in Russia. Think about it. We came close to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Why would we not want to pursue better relationships with Russia?  We have trade deals and other deals with Red China and Vietnam.  Demonizing Putin and Russia will not help our relationships with them, but it could lead to war within the next four months.